Deal Breakers: Filming Kick-Off

May 24th, the Divine Authority Foundation kicked of the official filming of the Deal Breakers Documentary. What is Deal Breakers?

Deal Breakers is a documentary about the decisions people make when they are dating someone. We ask the daters, “What is something(s) that you just will NOT accept in a mate?” As we explore the shockingly honest responses, we begin to see a pattern that helps us to understand people and some underlying root causes for their deal breakers.

Divine Authority has a long-term goal to address single mothership, by digging to the root of most issues; relationships. We want to explore the decisions people make and the reasons behind them. We believe if we can formulate healthier relationships, we can combat future single parent households.

This documentary is not only funny, but it also delves into the more serious side and poses questions and subjects that we do not always like to talk about.

Stay tuned for more information and clips.

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