Are boys from single parent homes less likely to succeed?

A recent study has shown that males raised in single mother homes are less likely to go to college, and will incur lessor wages than females. I’ll have to study the paper some more to vouch for its validity; regardless, I believe it brings up a great point. The need for positive male role models is imperative to the upbringing of a child, especially boys. One theory I tend to believe, if there are more images of financially successful video game developers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and etc… just maybe these would be desirable careers sought by the youth.

But lets dig even deeper. Maybe they do not know how to apply to college or what to expect if they go to college. With little exposure to college and the world it can create for you, it might seem as a non-factor in determining a life path.

The Divine Authority Foundation is helping with this issue by providing college tours to boys from single parent homes. The goal is to expose them to college and technical trade schools. Even if college is not the route for everyone, learning a trade will help bolster their success.